Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Video on the CHASE Belare 2018-2019 campaign

Stefania Gili from the ULB made a video showing what she and Preben have done during their stay for CHASE at Princess Elisabeth station, explaining also how samples are collected and what will happen with them. Enjoy the video here.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Challenging trips to install further sampling sites

Stefania and Preben went last days to further sampling sites in order to recover samples installed last season, exchange them with new ones and in addition, installing another new site near the coast. Their posts on these expeditions should appear soon on their blog-posts: see Preben, Stefania. Again, we show some images already below:
 the Romnoes mountains from far
 The team
 the Utsteinen nunatak at Princess Elisabeth station
the field camp near the coast, together with the glaciologist team (see also their blog)

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Installing a sample site at the plateau

Stefania and Preben went last Friday to the plateau in order to collect samples installed last season, install new collectors and go even further to install collectors at a new site. Read their story about this expedition at their blogs - the one of Preben and the one of Stefania. As an appetizer, below images from this expedition.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Blog of Stefania and Preben on the BNCAR website

Stefania and Preben keep alive also a blog on the website of the Belgian National Committee on Antarctic Research (BNCAR). Link.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere reach new record

And yet another uncomfortable piece of truth on climate change:
Link to the press release of the World Meteorological Organisation.

Blog of Preben, EnVOC group

You can also follow Preben's blog on the website of his institute:

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Arrival at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station

Blog Note Day 2-3  -  November 17/18, 2018 - Stefania and Preben

It is time to give you news… how our adventure continues… 1 am in the morning and we finally arrived to PEA (Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station, the Belgian Station). What a great feeling! Alain Hubert and other members of the team are waiting for us. They welcome us very kindly and give us the first indications and rules about how everything works here. After a cup of warm tea, it is time to rest a little bit. 
7:30 am we need to be back for our first official meeting and meet the rest of the crew. Tired and jetlagged or excited or with a combination of everything, we make our way to our bedroom. It is a blue container outside the station that will shelter us for the next 5 weeks. In case you are wondering, it is heated, of course! The morning of Saturday November 17th, after breakfast, Alain Hubert (the famous Belgian explorer and chief in charge of the Station) gave us a tour showing us the entire station, explaining in detail about the management and functionality of PEA. I must to say, it is incredible what they have built so far. It is a place with all the facilities you can imagine and a completely zero emission station is the goal for the next coming years. Water Engineers, Electricians, plumbers, constructors, technicians, etc… are part of the crew responsible every day of the running of PEA but we all have duties that help for the right development. I feel very delighted to be part of this, at least this year. The day is almost over and everybody is excited because Sunday is day off! So now it is time to enjoy dinner and some beers and/or wine all together.

It is Sunday already and we cannot wait to go outside and explore the surroundings of PEA a little bit. Always following the field guides, they take us for a tour to the “wind scoop” of the Ulteinen mountains. We are six and for me is the first time walking in the ice using crampons. Landscape is incredible beautiful. Shapes I’ve never seen before and also sounds I’ve never heard or experienced. My eyes are just amazed for what I am seeing.  I am so lucky to be here, that’s all I can think of.  So, in resume, it was a wonderful experience but I couldn’t have done it without help. So, thank you Daniel (one of the field guides)! For someone without experience like me, support is very important.
The next two days will be training days for us. This means medical, GPS, skidoo driving, crevasse safety, rescue, etc. So if you are interested to see how this goes, more stories later on….
Tefi & Preben