Monday, 2 March 2009

afterwords 2

First working day after Antarctica. Now life, structured by working hours, has started again. Besides work there is also a lot of things to be done in private life, this is the reason that I have no post-Antarctica depression. Simply no time for it... But by telling others how it was, what I experienced and by viewing the pictures again, I also reflect more and more on the time in Antarctica. It was really a special life we had there. You’re in a group, very very remote; the only way in and out are aircrafts which may come or not, depending completely on the weather of that continent. And if the weather is bad, there is not much to do around there, you’re simply stuck and you have to rely on your own. Add the cold and dry and harsh conditions and then you realize that it is really important to have good material (from clothing to tools, gear…), reliable people around you and the infrastructure of the station. If something bad happens (e.g. an accident, injury), you need a good doctor and luck as the next hospital is in Cape Town. It’s already enough when you think that when you need to fix that screw in a hurry without gloves, with a bit of wind and temperatures only -10 °C, the frostbite will grasp your fingertips. It is easy to forget this in the beautiful surroundings of Sor Rondane and Utsteinen. All the eye-catching moments, created by the changing light, clouds, reflectances by the snow and ice, the mountains and snow formations – the beauty is breathtaking and I often felt the uniqueness of this place.

It was a great experience and I am glad and grateful that I could realize that journey !