Friday, 17 February 2012

Late Summer

Since a few days we are enjoying very good weather conditions. The wind is very weak, clouds are few and only higher up and thin, so that there is a lot of sun. This means also that we have a lot of hot water, and there is no limit to take showers. On Tuesday, temperatures rose for a short moment even up to plus 3 (degC), caused by the insolation and no wind. The next day, this was not reproduced, only because there were little more clouds, and temperatures stayed around minus 10. This year’s summer season reaches slowly its end. This is marked by the circumstance that during some night-time hours it becomes now distinctly darker. At the moment this is approximately between 22hr to 02hr local time.

During the last days I had time to service some of my instruments and to do some tests, e.g. that the necessary flows needed to get the particles from outside through the tubing to the instruments are correct, or that the particle counter has no or a negligible background count (by putting an efficient filter in line). And as one part of the current team, including me, leaves already coming Tuesday the station, I have to think about to prepare the instrument staying over winter accordingly. Also everybody else is already busy with phasing in into winter mode. E.g., some parts of the water treatment unit have already been shut down because the cleaning and emptying can take days, or the power system undergoes more tests to be prepared for winter mode operation.

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