Friday, 6 February 2009

Installing scientific equipment

Today, thursday 5 februari 2009, we will finally install the solar panel tower.
Unfortunately snow was forecasted for tomorrow, so that I'm afraid that the final installation of the instrument won't be possible.

The aethalometer arrived in good condition and all the test were ok.

Last Tuesday a scientific shelter was built, but before we can use it for the measurements, we have to make flanges, holes, in the roof.
This is to avoid that we measure the generators instead.

Also the cimel arrived well and safe and it will probably be installed next week on the roof of the station.

Till soon
Kind regards,

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  1. Beste Alexander,

    Bedankt voor het interessante blog.

    Maar wat meet de Aethalometer en de Cimel? Sommige mensen weten misschien ook niet wat een magnetometer meet. Een Wikepedia link is misschien handig maar de informatie over de Aethalometer en de Cimel is niet echt rijk.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    David Kennedy.